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Use of website

When using our website you are free to interact, and use it´s included services. You are however not allowed to copy or use any images from our website in other profitable work without proper authorization from solomonLodge.com. Neither are you allowed to directly copy any design to look like us. All ownership and copyright claims goes toward the proper authorized owners of our site material. If material is needed, please proceed to contact us for an agreement. If no agreement is met all copying of material may be reported.

We do not take responsobility for one-time malfunctions on our website, however if our site repeatingly malfunctions please contact us and report the problem. If sharing our site, do not advertise our site with an altered or changed design. Do not claim ownership of our site, all detected activity of claiming ownership of our site will be dealt with.

Use of service

When booking our lodge you are allowed to relocate or cancel your booking anytime upon agreement with us. However you are not guaranteed a relocation or refund if our manager does not find it suitable. you are not allowed to alter the interior or exterior with any permanent solutions, or anything our staff does not find suitable for the property.

In case a personal item is lost or damaged, we do not take any responsobility of replacing the item. however we may help search for a lost item but no requirements are set on our staff to help.

Any bad behaviour out of people standards will be dealt with. Any larger damage of property might request replacement. Physical harm done on any of our employees might lead to a bann from our services or property. if needed police or other security services may be called. A refund will not be suitable in such a scenario.

Privacy policy

We take your rights and handel your personal data very carefully. We believe in a smooth and comfortable user-experience, and we therefore state these points as our promise to your privacy before, during, and after using our services.

  • 1. All personal data such as name and emails will never be used for anything else than contacting you regarding Bookings or support.

    We Promise to never let anyone recieve your name, email or similar information outside of your own agreement.

  • 2. We will never give away or sell your personal data to any third-party companies.

    We higly respect the individual persons ownership of personal and sensetive data, therefore we will never sell or give away your personal data to any companies.

  • 3. We will never store personal data any longer for than what we find suitable.

    We will never store your personal information for any longer periods than what is necessary for a smooth and painless transaction, these types of data are mostly contact information and similar data.

  • 4. You can anytime request removal of personal data stored on our servers.

    We will remove any personal data upon request, and you can anytime disable further use of cookies se through your browsers settings.

  • 5. We never collect data you haven´t agreed upon.

    All personal data comes from sources which you as a user either accepted or willingly gave us through our websites functions or email.

Use of cookies

What are cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data which we transfer over to your device to have an identifier on your device so our servers knows it is you. When you enter our website your device sends this information to us and we use it to enable certain functions as checking if you have visited earlier. The storage of cookies on your device is often temporaily and can at any time be deleted through your browser`s settings. As many other we use cookies, and similar technologies to improve user experience and collect data regarding how our website is used. Most of our services like contact and general page usage is not dependent on cookies, we therefore let you disable the types of data which you do not want us to retrive from you. We only use a few types of cookies which all are listed below.

NOTE: There might be added or removed cookies in the future, in which case we will ask you to accept our policy again.

Type of Cookie Description
Site activity cookies We use some cookies to see if you have visited our site earlier and how you interact with our site.
Security and privacy cookies We use some cookies to see if our policies are accepted.
Your rights and options regarding cookies

You can anytime disable cookies or clear cookies through your browser`s settings. You can anytime contact us regarding questions about cookies and similar topics.

If disabling cookies malfunctions, we do not take any responsobility over how our systems failed to execute properly.

Contact regarding privacy, cookies or Terms & conditions: solomonLodge@gmail.com

Written 16. June 2019

Privacy policy and cookies

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