Bird watching

Wander around in our garden and spot a varaiety of over 100 breeds of birds. We highly recommend this rare chance to spot a huge varaiety of wild birds naturaly attracted to the area, just outside your own doorstep.


Beside beautiful excotic nature and wildlife, one can whilst hiking see ancient carved stones. These stones were carved over 3000 years ago and throws you right into the past of the area

Coffee safari

We offer a localy guided coffee safari. Discover the growth process of this very common and beloved recource. Join us doing a coffee sermon aswell as trying to roast and pound it.

Flower watching

Blend in with nature as Solomon abate, our manager introduces us to the lodges local garden. Here you will be able to see all the flowers and plantlife surrounding the lodge.

Swim in the stream

We know Ethiophia can be hot, therefore we welcome all our guests to relax or maybe go for a swim in the on-site stream, to cool off or enjoy natures way of bathing.

Visit the local farmer

What better way to get a taste of Teferi Kela and Ethiopia than by tasting localy produces food? You can visit our local farmer and taste the food grown using local methods and workpower.

Sunday service

Teferi Kela offers alot of churches and sunday services. Join a local service and experience an out-of-the-ordinary sunday service

SolomonLodge does not own all of the listed activities including activities as "visiting the local farmer" or "Sunday service". We can therefore not guarantee all listed activities to be availabile at all times.

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